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Scripps News

Fox Weather 

Vice News 


CGTN Americas Now

The Wheather Channel

National Geographic
Discovery Channel
History Channel
BBC News
CNN International
Reuters Latin America
High Noon Entertainment
Morning Star Entertainment
Mountain View LTD
United Nations (UNDP)

CBC Canada
FAFG Guatemala

GTZ Guatemala
Timeline Films
Shinning Red Productions


Finding Oscar 

Murder by Numbers 

Murder Comes to Town 

Love, Hate & Propaganda 

Ultimate Survivor Bear Grylls

Dangerous Grounds

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan
National Geographic-Taboo
Discovery Channel – 2012 Apocalypse

House Hunters International

Man V Wild Guatemala
Man V Wild Belize
History Channel Aliens
History Channel Warriors
History Channel Maya
Secret World Maya-Travel Channel
Dawn of the Maya-Nat Geo
The Ambassador-Nat Geo
Dinosaur Trap-Nat Geo
Royal Massacre-Nat geo
McDonald's Corporate video
Silent Tears: Uncovering the Truth
UNESCO-Rabinal Achi

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